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It’s a new era of Harry Potter, and we really, really want to explore it. With 'Cursed Child' and 'Fantastic Beasts' expanding our knowledge of the Wizarding World, we couldn’t resist diving in! A biweekly podcast covering Pottermore, Ilvermorny, J.K. Rowling, and the Harry Potter fandom. Be a part of it—discuss with us on Twitter @NewtCasts.
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Nov 25, 2016

Mallory, Alexis, and guest host Liz review what parts of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them stood out, both on screen and on page in the form of the published screenplay! We cover everything from magic feelings to fan theories in this special post-premiere episode.

- Is Newt the protagonist for the series, or will he become side-character?

- How Magic works in this world vs. the Harry Potter world; Newt's proficiency and how his story with magic parallels with Hagrid's; the heavy use of "obliviate"

- Jacob Kowalski as a vehicle for an older audience introduced to magic; JK Rolls = JK Rowling???; how muggles and wizards reflect each other in America vs the UK

- GRINDELWALD: how did he transform?? And other thoughts and theories!

- Credence & Co: thoughts on the witch’s mark; Credence <3 <3 (how much does he know, though?)

- Graves… is a follower of Grindelwald? (Where is he?)

- Theseus Scamander and the beasts behind his name

- Puns puns puns

- How the films might incorporate seeds planted in the first movie

Next time: CHARACTERS!!

Nov 14, 2016

Saul joins Alexis the week before the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to discuss trailers, theories, and rumors surrounding the series!

  • News!! Empire Magazine cover, Hot Topic Fantastic Beasts clothes collection, PARIS, Puffs the Play!
  • TRAILERS! (A New Hero, Comic Con, Trailer 2)
  • How much has J.K. Rowling planned? How much has been in her head since 2007?
  • How much will Pottermore info feed into the film experience? How much will not reading Pottermore take away from it?
  • So many plots: potentially interesting, potentially disastrous
  • J.K. Rowling: how will her writing style translate on screen?
  • More to Queenie than meets the eye
  • How will guns play into the magical world? How will Fantastic Beasts' interaction with the No-Maj world differ from Harry Potter? For the first time, we're not at school!
  • Will we see Ilvermorny??
  • Paris as location for the second film: will we get a new city for every movie?
  • GRINDELWALD... and Johnny Depp??
  • Saul's thoughts on Paris: THE THEORY TO BEAT ALL THEORIES.
  • What's Newt got to do with it, got to do with it?
  • Will we get a Cursed Child link? (And, side-note, would that legitimize the canonization of the play?)
  • How will future films be named?
  • New magic
  • More thoughts and fears regarding the Johnny Depp casting

Next time, our thoughts and reactions to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (the movie)!!

Oct 25, 2016

Alexis and Mallory dig into the truckload of Harry Potter related news from these past two weeks and pick out all the relevant bits from the introduction of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook!


  • soundtrack score released!
  • FIVE MOVIES. NOT ONE. NOT THREE. FIVE. WHY. NO ONE I KNOW IS EXCITED FOR THIS. Also, what this means and why it’s in all caps here.
  • Mobile game app?! What could it be?!
  • Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition is gorgeous as ever, the VR headset google announced has some element of Wizarding World wizardry, and all 8 films were on IMAX for a week
  • Pottermore Patronus quiz: our patronuses and the fandom reaction
  • additional writing on MACUSA released!
  • the first bits of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: the 2001 textbook (about the author, introduction, and what is a beast)
  • how does this old information fit in with Harry Potter canon now (and future) as we discussed in episode 5?
Oct 3, 2016

What the fresh heck: Celeste joins Mallory and Alexis in a discussion on Ilvermorny!

  • Irish Beginnings: Elias Story an amazing anagram, very neat lore on magical creatures
  • Hodag: the Google image search that will be seared into our brains; also, other creature lore
  • Boot boys' personalities and speculation on James’ heritage
  • Founding of the school, how Native Americans might’ve influenced curriculum
  • the good part of Parseltongue in Gormlaith’s revenge
  • Ilvermorny today, how the new houses work within the Potter universe

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Next time: Fantastic Beasts the book.

Sep 12, 2016

Alexis, Mallory, and guest host Moriah dig into what canon even means and the different ways our notion of canon is evolving!

- Jesus fandom (AKA the OG canon)

- Shakespearean, Sherlockian, Lord of the Ringsian canons and how they’ve been adapted/added to

- Transmedia storytelling and sci-fi world-building (the different ways Star Wars and Star Trek have dealt with this issue)

- How Potter is unique, how it’s canon has been interpreted

- Publishing: the birth of canon?

- Cherry-picking and other ways the fandom has coped

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Next time: Ilvermorny.

Aug 28, 2016


Mallory and Alexis discuss the possibilities of the Wild Wizard West, among the rest of North American magical history.

- News: J.K. Rowling on Cursed Child as canon, Pottermore job opening, 3 new Harry Potter ebooks, Fantastic Beasts updates, NBC Universal acquired the rights to Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter

- Roanoke: the Wizard Colony

- communication between North America and Africa pre-colonialization: wandless magic combinations merge two styles of divination?

- Native American magic, a bit of the controversy, how words work in the Harry Potter magic system

- wizard farmers and Puritans, magical southern plantation owners? and Mallory’s head canon on the Hogwarts grocer

- wizarding cowboys in the wild wizard west will be the protagonists of the inevitable spin-off series

- Which Founding Fathers were wizards?? Maren puts forth two potential candidates.

- Rappaport’s Law: Dorcus Twelvetrees, the repercussions on squibs and no-maj-borns

- Wizarding World intolerant to Fantastic Beasts: the Ghostbusters are real and Newt’s a Dorcus

- Will Seraphina Piquery have a SOUTHERN ACCENT?!

- Wandmakers of America are beyond cool and we theorize about another possible Parselmouth

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Aug 15, 2016

Part 2 of Mallory and Alexis' discussion of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, covering new and minor characters and parts of the plot that stood out to us, for better or for worse.

- Draco calling out the trio

- brave Scorpius and Albus: Very Much the Son of Harry Potter

- the Delphi dilemma: difference between first encountering her on stage vs. in script, her purpose: more than a convenient intro to a past villain?

- Delphi theory: related to Isolt Sayre? Veela?

- Dumbledore’s redemption

- Cedric. Diggory. and the mislaid theme of Spares, his purpose in the novels vs the play

- Snape: inauthentic fan service redemption?

- the difference between Amos on stage and on page

- the unjust use of Craig*

- Slytherin house redemption, mixed house attributes

- *and Panju, casualty of plot necessities (save Panju)

- the fallacy of Delphi's prophecy

- lil plot things: old folk’s home, trolly witch, Voldemort day, thank Dumbledore

- introducing a new show segment of just Scorpius quotes, because why not



Reddit Delphi theory

Reddit time-turner post #1

Reddit time-turner post #2


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Aug 7, 2016

Mallory and Alexis discuss the themes and relationships of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and how the plays handled our golden trio. It's all spoilers!

  • Paternal Love: how Harry's father figure(s) influenced his own parenting model and what he comes to learn about himself and his son; Scorpius and Draco's closed off relationship, how young Scorpius mirrors young Harry
  • The "platonic" relationship between Albus and Scorpius, the importance of friends
  • How romance is portrayed, especially within the trio but also a bit of Scorbus
  • Cursed Child Harry is Book!Harry through and through
  • Hermione: the good and the bad
  • Ron: what the cuss and some good stuff too

Next week will cover Albus and Scorpius and the rest of the cast (plus those who went missing!) in our next episode, along with parts of the story that present some challenges for fans of the original series.

Aug 1, 2016

Mallory and Alexis introduce themselves and discuss the Harry Potter fandom—past, present, and future. Spoiler free episode!

  • Let’s face it: the Harry Potter fandom is a phenomenon of a phenomenon
  • How did we interact with fandom as the books and films were released?
  • What's happened since 2011?
  • State of the Fandom (today)
  • ~~~Future of Fandom~~~
  • Our expectations of Cursed Child!

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